Skaer Veterinary Clinic adds hospice care

WICHITA — A year ago, Skaer Veterinary Clinic started making house calls.

Now, it’s going one step further and offering hospice care for sick and elderly cats and dogs.

“Hospice is a little more in depth,” says practice manager Karen Williams.

“It’s something new,” she says of the growing national trend for pet hospice.

“It’s more comfortable for the pets and easier,” Williams says. The idea is “for us to come into their environment and help them feel comfortable.”

The idea isn’t to cure a pet but to make it feel better.

“Hospice is just like it is for humans,” Williams says. “It’s always family centered, and it’s the same thing for a pet.”

She says it’s comforting for pet owners as well.

Skaer is a full-service clinic that has a pharmacy, lab, ultrasound and X-ray. Williams says it specializes in periodontal care and surgery.

With hospice, each pet will be assigned a hospice nurse. Pet owners are taught how to care for their pets and how best to administer medications and apply bandages.

“It’s great for education, too,” Williams says. She says it’s about “what to do for them. How to make them feel comfortable.”

“It’s another alternative over euthanasia … for a pet to calmly and comfortably pass.”