Warren Theatres in Wichita may benefit from Broken Arrow theater upgrades

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WICHITA — Broken Arrow may be the future home of Bill Warren’s latest theater, but whatever new features are popular in the more than $40 million complex may eventually be added to his Warren Theatres here.

“If some of the ideas work like we think, yeah,” Warren says.

He compares each of his new theaters to a new Mercedes Benz.

“You still know it’s a Mercedes. It still has the same look, but there are all these improvements,” Warren says. “You always try to keep up. You always try to be innovative.”

He won’t share what those innovations are yet, though.

“No, because we’re actually working on some patents.”

Warren says he could have easily taken the same plans for his theater in Moore and used them for the Broken Arrow theater.

“I would have lowered my architecture costs by more than half.”

He says he didn’t do that, though. Warren says while each of his theaters is similar to preceding theaters, he also tries to enhance each one.

So he says Broken Arrow’s theater will be like Moore’s, “only on steroids.”

“I guess we’re never satisfied with what we’re doing, but I think that’s a good thing.”