Value Place to expand with a couple of dozen more employees

WICHITA — As the number of Value Place properties continue to grow, so does the need for more employees at the company’s corporate headquarters on East 21st Street between Rock and Webb roads.

“We’re definitely … hiring a lot of people,” says president and COO Kyle Rogg.

The company opened a property in Jacksonville, Fla., this week and has three more under construction.

“Franchisees are building as well,” Rogg says.

He says Value Place’s properties, a number of which are under renovation, are performing solidly.

“We’re pretty much on plan with where we expected to be,” he says.

“It just takes more people to continue to grow.”

The Wichita office has about 65 employees, not counting the ones at the company’s three properties here.

Rogg says the company likely will add about 25 employees this year.

“That’s sort of across the spectrum,” he says.

That includes business analysts, an additional accounting position and marketing and training positions.

Rogg says the company is looking at options for expansion space both inside and outside of the building.

The company leases its space. Rogg says it’s possible the company could one day move to a larger space of its own.

“Anything’s possible,” he says. “Right now I think we’re going to stay put.”

Rogg says he had his own ideas for creating more space at the company’s headquarters.

His novel idea? Double-decker cubicles.

“I suggested it to a lot of people,” Rogg says, joking, “but I didn’t get any takers.”