Dancing in Paradise to open in former Bingo Palace on South Hydraulic

WICHITA — Steve Trent enjoys dancing so much, his wife, Diane, encouraged him to make a career of it instead of operating heavy equipment as he had been.

“You’re getting too old to do that stuff,” Trent says his wife advised.

So the two are opening Dancing in Paradise at 2841 S. Hydraulic where the Bingo Palace closed late last year.

“My wife and I are dancers,” Trent says.

He used to host singles dances in Dodge City and also had a successful New Year’s dance party at the former Loyal Order of the Moose 138 space near Central and Zoo Boulevard, where they used to dance before it closed.

“We’re not really going to be a dance studio,” Trent says of his new business.

Nor is he going to be a club that’s open to the public.

“It’s kind of going to be halfway in between.”

Monday through Thursday there will be dance lessons in all kinds of different styles.

“There are many, many different genres of dance,” Trent says. “We are going to try to cater to all of them.”

There will be private and group lessons.

“There will be a little bit of everything here,” Trent says.

He says there will be dances on Friday and Saturday nights that will feature different types of music.

“We’ll just keep going across the board.”

There will be some Sunday dances, too, and groups will be able to rent the space on those days as well. Trent says there aren’t many nice, reasonably priced spaces for groups looking to dance.

“We’re going to try to fill that void for them, too.”

Initially, Dancing in Paradise won’t serve alcohol, but Trent says that may change.

He says the name was inspired by his daily outfit of Hawaiian shirts, which on warmer days are accompanied by shorts and beach hats.

The business likely will open the first weekend in April.

Trent says his to-do list keeps growing because of his wife.

“‘We need to do this,’ or, ‘We need to do that,’” he says she says.

“If I can keep my wife out of here, we’ll probably be open sooner.”