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You don’t say

“My only problem with Bradley Fair is they continue to attract new tenants that attract my wife.”

Jerry Gray of J.P. Weigand & Sons speaking at the company’s annual real estate forecast on Tuesday

Dancing in Paradise to open in former Bingo Palace on South Hydraulic

WICHITA — Steve Trent enjoys dancing so much, his wife, Diane, encouraged him to make a career of it instead of operating heavy equipment as he had been.

“You’re getting too old to do that stuff,” Trent says his wife advised.

So the two are opening Dancing in Paradise at 2841 S. Hydraulic where the Bingo Palace closed late last year.

“My wife and I are dancers,” Trent says.

He used to host singles dances in Dodge City and also had a successful New Year’s dance party at the former Loyal Order of the Moose 138 space near Central and Zoo Boulevard, where they used to dance before it closed.

“We’re not really going to be a dance studio,” Trent says of his new business.

Nor is he going to be a club that’s open to the public.

“It’s kind of going to be halfway in between.”

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State close to deal for Department for Children and Families space on South Oliver

The possible future home of the Department for Children and Families.

The possible future home of the Department for Children and Families.

WICHITA — The state is close to a deal on new office space for the Department for Children and Families, the largest of the state agencies at the city-owned Finney State Office Building at 230 E. William.

DCF is considering the 96,000 square feet that the U.S. Postal Service is vacating at 2601 S. Oliver.

“It’s at the goal line is how I would describe it,” says Mark McGivern, director of the Office of Facilities and Procurement Management within the state Department of Administration. “We’re still working things out.”

In June, Have You Heard? reported that nine state agencies, including more than 700 employees, will leave the Finney building when the state’s lease expires on Sept. 30. More than 550 of those employees are with DCF.

The city presented the state with what a state spokesman called “a very aggressive lease renewal offer” last summer, but the spokesman said DCF has needs the Finney building can’t fulfill.

“You kind of had a little bit of what I call a crowd-control issue,” McGivern says.

He says he wants to put “them in the building that they say they can be most effective in.”

“The agencies are my customers, and I try to put them in places that they say work best for them at the best possible prices for the state,” McGivern says. “We did this (with) the idea of helping the agency better serve their customers.”

The South Oliver building is on a bus line, and it’s a one-story building, which McGivern says is ideal.

“It’s much more I’ll say ready to go,” he says. “It’s much more conducive to what they say they need the way they have their programs designed.”

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