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You don’t say

“I’m not good at sharing cookies.”

Sedgwick County Commission Chairman Dave Unruh’s confession, which was the first of a couple during Wednesday’s proclamation of Girl Scout Cookie Month 


“As a Calvinist, it’s important for me to confess my transgressions. Commissioner Norton, I took your Lemonades. As a good Methodist, I know that you’ll forgive me and let me keep them.”

– County Manager Bill Buchanan’s cookie confession to Commissioner Tim Norton

Ackerman out, Salmeron back in at Complete Landscaping Systems

WICHITA — Peter Salmeron is back at Complete Landscaping Systems – the company he founded in 1983 then sold in 2010 – but it’s unclear how long he’ll remain or what will happen with the troubled business.

Laura Ackerman purchased Complete Landscaping around the time she and Salmeron were briefly married. Since then the business has been mired in various lawsuits and has struggled financially. Ackerman then declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year.

“The bankruptcy attorney asked me to come into the business because he felt that Laura is not competent,” says Salmeron, who returned Jan. 15.

“I don’t want to harm her … but I can tell you the company has really suffered a lot,” he says. “The company has gone from one of the leading companies in Wichita to one … in Chapter 11.”

Ackerman, who says she resigned Friday and turned over her stock, blames Salmeron for the company’s current situation.

“Peter sold a bill of goods that he could take over all finances,” she says. “I have no control of the finances, and it’s going to fail.”

She says Salmeron hasn’t made payroll or insurance payments since he’s been back.

“It’s because she hasn’t generated any money to pay anything,” Salmeron says. “That’s why they have asked me to come back and see if I can save the company.”

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Prairie Gynecology closes at the Collective, but it likely will transition to new business

WICHITA — Amy Short’s Prairie Gynecology abruptly closed last week, but Short says that doesn’t mean her attempt at gynecology and functional medicine wasn’t a success.

“The clinic was a massive success with filling a specific need in the community,” she says. “However, under an insurance paradigm, functional medicine is not profitable.”

When Short first revealed her plans to open a clinic at the Collective near 21st and Greenwich two years ago, she explained to Have You Heard? that functional medicine is about “going to the root causes of imbalance, whether that’s chronic illness or hormone imbalance, and solving it from the ground up rather than dealing with it … once the disease process has already manifested.”

She says it doesn’t work with a conventional billing system, though.

“The time we spend with patients, you simply can’t bill for,” Short says. “You just can’t recoup that time, but that’s what’s required to do the job.”

She says patient visits averaged 30 to 60 minutes. New patients generally took at least 40 minutes.

“It takes that long to get a good history,” Short says.

“It’s not that the medicine is invalidated by the practice closing. It just has to be rethought.”

Short says patients are “extremely sad and upset because they feel they have finally found a type of practice that fits their needs.”

In the end, malpractice insurance is what Short says caused her to have to immediately close.

“There’s absolutely no way for me to pay that.”

She says it’s like buying two Mercedes Benzes in the middle of a financial crisis.

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Pristine Paws to open March 1

Tiana Kuntz and her "old boy," Bubba.

Tiana Kuntz and her “old boy,” Bubba.

WICHITA — Tiana Kuntz has spent the past 16 years grooming dogs for other businesses, and now she’s going to open her own dog-grooming business.

“I’ve thought about it for the last two or three years,” Kuntz says. “It’s a skill set I have, and I enjoy doing it, so I may as well do it for myself.”

She’s going to open Pristine Paws in 1,100 square feet at 1900 W. 13th St., which is just east of McLean.

Kuntz also is employing groomers Jordan Walker, who has five years of experience, and Stacey Reeves, who has done it for six years.

Pristine Paws will be a full-service grooming business, though Kuntz says she won’t offer teeth cleaning.

The business will open March 1. Kuntz says she’s “pretty stoked.”

“It was just time for a change.”