Taco Tico near 13th and Tyler to reopen

WICHITA — A new Taco Tico is going to open in a former Taco Tico site just south of 13th and Tyler.

Owner Greg White says some former Taco Tico franchisees in other cities “got a hold of me and said, ‘Greg, we don’t want to lose Taco Tico in the Wichita area.’”

Last year, the state seized the assets of Ajax International Group, which had 10 Taco Tico restaurants in the greater Wichita are. The company declared bankruptcy with the intent to reopen some of the restaurants, but it didn’t work out in the end.

“It’s all kind of complicated since what happened last year,” White says. “I don’t know how to explain it all to you. It’s kind of weird the way everything’s happening.”

The bottom line for him is on Wednesday he’s reopening the first of what he hopes will be five Taco Ticos by the end of the year.

“If it all goes good, yeah,” White says. “That’s probably being a little anxious. You gotta shoot high, I guess.”

White worked for various Taco Tico restaurants, including supervising a number of them, for 18 years. He hasn’t been associated with the chain for the past five years.

He says some changes have been made in the past five years, and he’s probably going to revert to what he knows.

“I’m kind of going back a little bit,” White says.

He’s hiring a lot of former workers, too.

“We’ve got a lot of people helping me that had been with Taco Tico for years and didn’t want to see it go away.”

White is a tad sarcastic about opening in the middle of snow drama.

“I picked perfect timing for this, obviously.”

He’s choosing to be positive, though.

“It’s going to be great.”

Nor is White letting five restaurants by the end of the year daunt him.

“I’ve got – what? – another 11 months to figure that all out.”