opens in Delano

WICHITA — When Chris Ridder quit his job at a Wichita sign company a week ago, he told his employer – a friend – he was looking for a new opportunity.

Now Ridder is opening his own sign shop.

“This is the new opportunity,” he says.

“After you’re together so long, you either get married or you get divorced, so I guess we’re getting divorced.”

The shop, which opens today, is

“That just gives everybody instant access to where my website is,” Ridder says.

He has a storefront, too, in 2,500 square feet at 1712 W. Douglas in Delano. will sell banners, posters, aluminum signs, vehicle displays and real estate signs, among others.

“The list is pretty long,” Ridder says.

He had been interested in engineering in college when he switched his major to graphic design.

“I always thought it was fun to draw when I was young,” Ridder says.

When he joined his friend’s company, Ridder didn’t have sign experience.

“Since I started from the bottom, I’ve learned everything.”

Unlike some sign salespeople, when he makes a call about a sign, Ridder says he’s also “the guy who knows how to make it.”

“I might even be the one who will make it.”