Daddy Jack’s Salsa is returning to Dillons

Jack and Bev Lee with jars of their Daddy Jack's Salsa.

Jack and Bev Lee with jars of their Daddy Jack’s Salsa.

WICHITA — It’s been a much longer wait than he anticipated, but Jack Lee says his Daddy Jack’s Salsa will be returning to Dillons stores shortly. He thinks it will be back in time for the Super Bowl.

“I’d rather have been there during the holidays, but we didn’t make it,” Lee says.

The salsa has been a fresh-from-the-tub staple at area Dillons deli departments since the late 1990s. Lee and his wife, Bev, would make and deliver it. They’re at retirement age, though, and thinking to the future. Over the summer, Lee told Have You Heard? he needed to make the salsa shelf stable in order for it to carry on.

Kansas City, Kan.-based Original Juan has created jarred versions of the mild and hot Daddy Jack’s Salsa.

“It’s really quite a laboratory,” Lee says.

“We were just extremely happy with the way it came out.”

He’s especially partial to the hot salsa.

“The hot turned out excellent. We were very happy about that.”

Lee says he also thinks “the packaging is really classy.”

Original Juan will begin processing the salsa Tuesday, so Lee says he expects it to be in stores by next week. He says none of it is up to him, though. Lee says it will take a lot to make sure processing keeps on track with store demands.

daddy“I think it’s going to be a little tricky.”

Lee says he knows people are eager to have the salsa back, though.

“I’ve talked with some of the deli people. They’re real anxious to get it.”

Lee says one deli manager told him, “I think I’ll put up a sign: ‘Daddy Jack’s is back.’”