Bill Warren says his theaters are safe even if his driving isn’t

WICHITA — Bill Warren says his Warren Theatres are safe, and he doesn’t see a time when he’d ever institute metal detectors or similar measures.

“No, not really,” he says. “I could see that in high crime areas.”

Warren says he knows the owners of the Cobb Theatres chain, which owns the Florida theater where the most recent shooting occurred.

“I think what happened there was a fluke,” he says. “Obviously, someone just snapped.”

Warren says there are already many obvious security measures he takes at his theaters along with a lot of measures people don’t necessarily see.

“I’m very comfortable with the security that we have with the theaters,” he says. “To be honest with you, most theaters, you’ll never see stuff like that.”

Warren says he expected a reporter’s inquiry to be about a different criminal issue.

“I thought you were calling about the speeding ticket I got last night,” he says.

Warren was on East 13th Street not far from his east-side theater when he was stopped for doing 51 miles per hour in a zone marked 40 miles per hour.

The policeman asked Warren why he was speeding.

“Ah, stupidity, officer,” he says he responded.

“What else are you gonna say?” Warren says. “Actually, I was really in a good mood, and I was listening to this nice song on the radio.”

He says he can’t remember what song it was.

“Obviously, it had a good beat.”

Warren says he did not offer the officer movie passes in exchange for getting out of the ticket.

“No, no, no. Zero.”

Warren says it’s been many years since he’s had a ticket, and he’s learned a lesson he’d like to share with others.

“Crime doesn’t pay, does it?”