Delano Dermagraphics opens in Delano

WICHITA — Wichita native Arlene Gilbert and her husband were wanting to return from Oklahoma, but it’s still scary to move here and open a new business, she says.

“We took a huge gamble to move back,” Gilbert says.

She’s opened Delano Dermagraphics in about 1,300 square feet where Lucky Devil Tattoo used to be at 551 W. Douglas.

“It seems like such a sharp place to be,” Gilbert says of Delano.

“Everybody’s so friendly and so welcoming,” she says. Delano “just seems like a community within itself.”

Leon Moeder of Moeder & Associates handled the lease for building owners Raleigh and Rhandalee Hinman.

Gilbert offers a range of services in addition to traditional tattoos.

That includes permanent makeup, such as eyeliner, lip color and eyebrow color.

Also, Gilbert says she has an anti-aging machine from Denmark that can digitally help improve the look of someone’s skin.

“It responds to the skin,” she says. “It’s really pretty cool.”

Gilbert says some of her services outside of tattoos are important “because gravity just hates us.”

She says the Delano Dermagraphics name seems to encapsulate everything she offers.

“I really love the name,” Gilbert says. “It’s hard to say. Hard to spell, but I love it.”