Juarez Bakery to open second store near Pawnee and South Hydraulic

WICHITA — Almost 20 years after opening Juarez Bakery, owner Manuel Fernandez is working on a second site.

“I think we’re pretty well known,” he says of why he thinks another location will work.

The popular bakery at 10th and Waco sells mostly Mexican and some American pastries. The new bakery will be at 1561 E. Pawnee, which is just west of South Hydraulic.

“It’s going to be pretty much the same,” Fernandez says.

The exception is seating. Even though the new building will be about 6,000 square feet, it won’t be on enough land to allow for enough parking for people to stay and eat.

It will, though, eventually serve as a distribution center to take Juarez products around the state.

“It will not be like Rainbo or anything like that,” Fernandez says of the much-larger competing bakery.

“It’s going to take time,” he says of getting the distribution going. “That’s what (we’re) planning to do in the future.”

Fernandez says he’s working on plans for the building.

“If everything goes well and the way we wanted it, we’re supposed to start early March,” he says of construction.

Look for the bakery to open around September.