Heartland Recycling Services to open this summer

WICHITA — Travis Baker had hoped to open his new Heartland Recycling Services this month, but he’s having difficulty finding a second 24-foot truck for the business.

He’s now planning a June opening, “just to give me some wiggle room.”

Baker says there are a lot of recyclers in Wichita, but he says, “There’s not as many people doing it as you would probably think.”

He says there are a few larger companies and “a lot of really, really small guys who just have small pickup trucks.”

Baker’s service will offer contracts and one-time pick-ups for “pretty much anybody who needs recyclable materials hauled away.”

Initially, Baker says Heartland will focus on the transportation side of the business, but within a year he hopes to have his own consolidating facilities to do the recycling in addition to collecting it.

Look for more information on the company closer to the time it opens.