Pixel Time moving adult classes to Labor Party; still searching for children’s space

WICHITA — Pixel Time, which provides lessons in digital arts and Mac technology, is leaving CityArts where it’s been for several years.

Pixel Time owner Skyler Lovelace says it wasn’t her idea to move, but CityArts needed her space.

“It was so great to be downtown, especially this time of year,” she says, noting she especially enjoys the horse-drawn carriages through Old Town.

She’ll remain in Old Town, though in another area. Pixel Time is moving to the Labor Party at 216 N. Mosley where there is private and shared workspace among creative types and small companies.

“Even though it wasn’t my idea to move, I think I’m going to see some advantages,” Lovelace says.

She says CityArts “was closed a lot when I would have preferred to be open.” The Labor Party is open 24-7, she says.

Lovelace is still searching for space where she can have children’s classes. The Labor Party isn’t big enough for that, she says. Ideally, Lovelace says, she’d like to partner with a nonprofit that has a family focus.

New classes will start again in February, though a new schedule will be out this week.

Lovelace’s own schedule is barely allowing for her move.

She teaches at Butler Community College and has been in the middle of giving finals, and she’s also in the middle of remodeling her basement following a water main break. Then, of course, it’s also the holidays.

“I never would have chosen to move right now,” Lovelace says. “It’s been pretty awful.”