expands in time for New Year’s resolutions

WICHITA – Shannon Dykman and Kalene Smith are expanding their in time for the crush of new clients that New Year’s resolutions surely will bring.

“Our business has grown rapidly this past year,” Dykman says.

GoTime opened in May 2012 just north of Star Lumber at K-96 and Greenwich.

“We’ve tripled our business in the last year,” Dykman says. “We’ve physically run out of floor space.”

He says the business is about creating lifestyle transformations for clients, and that takes space.

“We motive them through a whole process of converting their lifestyle,” he says.

There are one-on-one training sessions along with small group training and boot camps, and that’s part of what is taking more space.

“We’re just at physical capacity,” Dykman says.

GoTime is adding 1,250 square feet to accommodate more sessions.

“We saw that there’s a great opportunity there,” Dykman says.

The end-of-the-year timing seemed right, too.

“That was our goal, to be ready for the new year’s rush.”