Hotel at Old Town borrows Neiman Marcus gift idea

WICHITA — If you’re desperately seeking that special last-minute gift, perhaps for the person who already has everything, Michael Frimel wants to talk to you.

The vice president of sales and marketing at the Hotel at Old Town is taking a page from the annual Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog, which offers what it calls “fantasy gifts” that are outrageously priced, one-of-a-kind presents.

Frimel’s idea is to sell the entire hotel and its banquet space for New Year’s Eve 2014 – that’s next New Year’s.

“It’s the ultimate Christmas gift, which is why I think now is the perfect time,” he says.

He’s selling it for $123,120.14.

Fourteen cents? Does that really matter on a $123,000 tab?

“Look at it from a date perspective,” Frimel says.

That’s Dec. 31, 2014.

“So that’s the price tag,” Frimel says. “That includes guest room accommodations for 114 of your favorite couples. It includes all of your food and beverages.”

It also includes an event planner, a band, parting gifts and everything else “to plan the ultimate party,” Frimel says.

“You could mix and match the numbers as you saw fit,” he says of allocating the funds.

Compared to Neiman Marcus prices — such as a more than $2.6 million ultimate outdoor entertainment system — the Hotel at Old Town is a bargain.

The offer lasts only 10 days from Monday, but Frimel says it’s some of the easiest holiday shopping possible.

“You just need to call the Hotel at Old Town and ask for Santa Claus.”