Get Real Wichita site debuts with recipes, meal ideas and coupons

WICHITA — Krista Sanderson is using her past experience working in marketing with Candlewood Suites along with her decade of experience as a stay-at-home mother for a new venture called Get Real Wichita.

“It is about real food and helping people try to realize the resources that we have in Wichita,” she says.

Her website is free until January when she’ll then charge users $10 a month for resources such as recipes, meal ideas, customized shopping lists and discounts to local restaurants and merchants.

“We feel like there’s a lot of opportunity to help people,” Sanderson says.

“We have these great local restaurants,” she says.

She’s also a huge fan of farmers’ markets and wants people to know what’s available here.

“We’re trying to help educate people.”

Some of it, she says, might be as simple as, “How do I cook an acorn squash?”

Sanderson especially wants to show people how quick and easy cooking can be.

“We get how crazy busy schedules can be,” she says. “We started cooking a ton and realizing it’s … really not that hard to eat real food. … It doesn’t all have to be processed and out of a box.”

The idea of spotlighting local businesses is “just kind of giving people the opportunity to try maybe something out of the ordinary,” Sanderson says.

“We’ve got coupons on there that more than offset the $10 a month.”

If Get Real Wichita goes well, Sanderson says her dream would be to follow it up with something such as Get Real Tulsa or Get Real Kansas City “that then it could take a brand life outside of Wichita.”