Hue Wichita to open on Commerce Street

WICHITA — Artists Sean Ward and Lindy Wiese are opening a new gallery on Commerce Street next spring.

“Pretty much we’ve been in the process of opening this for a few months now,” Ward says of Hue Wichita.

He says they’re about to get their city construction permit and then will spend a few months “pretty much renovating the entire space” at 430 S. Commerce.

The almost 1,000 square feet is bare now.

The gallery will be home to work by Ward and Wiese along with other local and national artists.

“That’s one of the big things we want to do to help promote art in Wichita,” Ward says.

He says he and Wiese are both full-time artists. Wiese’s focus is on contemporary impression. Ward, who also is in the arts program at Wichita State University, says he’s “more of a conceptual artist.”

“My art is more about the concept behind the piece than the actual techniques.”

Ward says he and Wiese looked for gallery space all over the city, but choosing to locate on a street already populated with other artists was an easy decision.

“It’s pretty much that we like the prestige of Commerce Street,” he says. “This one really connected with us.”