Delano Antique Mall to close next weekend

WICHITA — Three years after opening, the Delano Antique Mall is closing.

“People just quit buying,” says owner Steve DeThample. “All the malls have slowed down. There’s been quite a few little ones closing.”

DeThample has about 13,000 square feet at 1642 W. Douglas.

“I lost a lot of vendors because they weren’t selling,” DeThample says.

“Since, oh, the first of the year, it’s just kind of petered out,” he says. “People just aren’t spending the money right now … not for antiques anyway.”

The mall had 80 vendors at one point. DeThample says he gave the vendors quite a bit of notice that he was closing, and some moved to other malls. He says some of those vendors have already left those malls as well.

“I tried to get some people to take it over,” DeThample says of the business.

He says he had interest from some other malls, but he says his landlord won’t sell the building, and that was a condition for some potential buyers.

The mall is open this weekend, then closed through the week. It will reopen next weekend, which will be its last two days in business.

“The last couple of months, I’ve lost, oh, 10,000 grand a month, which is way more than I can afford to do,” DeThample says. “People are just scared to spend their money.”

He says customers asked for steep discounts.

“You can only give so much – or lose so much.”