PJ Wichita group sells its Genghis Grills

WICHITA — Terry Newman and Frank Carney’s PJ Wichita group is back to focusing solely on Papa John’s Pizza – for now.

“We have sold our Genghis Grills,” Newman says.

The owners of the corporate Genghis Grills are taking over the restaurants here and running them as franchises.

“They’ve asked and asked, and I finally said, ‘You know what? I will do it,’” Newman says. “It wasn’t we wanted to or had to. … They’ve done fine.”

In fact, Newman says he didn’t want to sell.

“It’s a sad day for me,” he says. “I really love Genghis Grill.”

Newman and Carney opened their first Genghis Grill in 2009 at the former Bennigan’s space at Douglas and Rock Road. A west-side Genghis followed in 2010 at the former Krispy Kreme space at 8512 W. Central.

“They’re going to keep the stores doing what they’re doing,” Newman says of the new owners, who have Wichita connections.

“It’s really good news.”

Newman says there will be some remodeling, and he plans to keep eating at Genghis three times a week.

“It’s hard to beat.”

He’s also already thinking of his next restaurant deal.

“We’re actually looking at other restaurants right now, concepts and actually doing our own,” Newman says. “We’re going to keep moving forward.”