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Revolution Rock Bar’s future is in flux; questions exist regarding Finns Lounge

WICHITA — Revolution Rock Bar has closed, but it’s not certain if that is permanent or not.

“We don’t know what we’re going to do with that yet,” says Jason Smith, director of operations for Melad Stephan’s Empire Restaurant Management.

Smith says the Old Town bar’s liquor license has expired.

“We don’t know if we’re going to renew it and reopen,” he says. “Business wasn’t where we wanted it to be.”

There’s more to the story, though.

Greg Finley of Finns Lounge has been running Revolution. In June, Have You Heard reported that Stephan said Finley was running the business for him until Finley could get his own liquor license and make changes, which could include a new concept.

According to state Alcoholic Beverage Control Division documents, Finley first applied for a license in May and was “denied that application due to Finley’s being disqualified by a previous revocation.” Finley applied for the license as president and sole owner of Sin, which does business as Revolution Rock Bar.

In August, according the documents, the ABC received a liquor license request from Finns Inc, doing business as Revolution Rock Bar, and Andrea Lambert was listed as president and sole owner.

The ABC conducted an investigation and found that the application showed Lambert’s address and e-mail as the same ones Finley had used. Upon interviewing Lambert, the ABC said Lambert said she never lived at that address. She said Finns was in her name, and she was signing paperwork for it, because of Finley’s inability to obtain a license. She said she was doing it for money.

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Sterling Realty Professionals caters to niche group of seniors

WICHITA — When Marie Stewart started her Sterling Realty Professionals this summer near 21st and Ridge Road, the business opened as a general real estate office. Though the company still will help anyone buy or sell a home, Stewart is now focusing on one group in particular.

“We decided to make our niche seniors,” she says. “We kind of chose that name because we want to go with that niche.”

Stewart says she has a passion for helping older individuals.

“Working with seniors has just always been something natural for me to do,” she says. Her plan is to help someone who is downsizing or moving into a retirement community make the move with as little stress as possible.

“They should be able to feel overjoyed and not overwhelmed,” Stewart says.

She’s collaborating with other companies, such as estate sale businesses, to be what she calls a one-stop shop to handle all of someone’s downsizing needs. She says that could be someone younger than a senior, too. Stewart says seniors may need extra care, though, so she’s offering at least 10 free seminars a month to help them through the process.

“We’re trying to offer people free information,” she says.

Her “five easy steps” advise people to create a plan, communicate with the right people, surround themselves with professionals and handle their house full of possessions.

“Five is celebrating your new lifestyle,” Stewart says.

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You don’t say


– Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau when asked by communications director Kristi Zukovich if he would be on Santa’s nice or naughty list.

New Kobe Steak House of Japan opens

WICHITA — The new Kobe Steak House of Japan opened in the former Playa Azul space at 21st and Tyler today.

In June, owners Jim Hamlin and Jim West told Have You Heard? they planned to merge their former Derby business with their Kobe near 21st and Maize Road in new west-side space.

“We completely gutted the 4,900 square feet (and) came back in with all new everything,” Hamlin says.

“It was a very extensive remodel,” says Adam Clements of Builders Inc., who handled the deal.

“The new facade looks great,” Clements says. “They have given it kind of a fun oriental spin.”

Hamlin says the restaurant has a lot of light and has an expanded bar area.

“It’s really fun inside,” Clements says. “I think it’ll be really well received.”

PJ Wichita group sells its Genghis Grills

WICHITA — Terry Newman and Frank Carney’s PJ Wichita group is back to focusing solely on Papa John’s Pizza – for now.

“We have sold our Genghis Grills,” Newman says.

The owners of the corporate Genghis Grills are taking over the restaurants here and running them as franchises.

“They’ve asked and asked, and I finally said, ‘You know what? I will do it,’” Newman says. “It wasn’t we wanted to or had to. … They’ve done fine.”

In fact, Newman says he didn’t want to sell.

“It’s a sad day for me,” he says. “I really love Genghis Grill.”

Newman and Carney opened their first Genghis Grill in 2009 at the former Bennigan’s space at Douglas and Rock Road. A west-side Genghis followed in 2010 at the former Krispy Kreme space at 8512 W. Central.

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