Swell Event Rental for sale

WICHITA — Tiffany Sporn has decided to try to sell her Swell Event Rental, which was known as Ray Party Rental until she changed the name last year.

“I kind of fell into this company by default,” says Sporn, who took over the business in 2009 after her father died.

Sporn was a hospice nurse before that, and she’s also a widowed mother of four.

“It’s just tough,” she says. “I’m really tired of trying to juggle it. It’s not my true passion and love.”

Sporn, who likely will return to nursing, says she has two potential buyers.

“We’ve got a pretty long history in the community and a nice, large client list that would be beneficial to anyone who purchased the business for sure,” she says.

The business is at 2033 E. Northern.

Sporn says she’s open to any buyer at this point even though there are already two potential ones.

“Absolutely, you bet. Until you have cash in hand, it’s still available.”