McKenzie & Associates to open at Occidental Plaza

WICHITA — Marriage and family therapist Mac McKenzie has left the Parker Group at Occidental Plaza downtown, but he hasn’t gone far.

“I am branching out on my own,” McKenzie says.

His new practice, McKenzie & Associates, also will be at Occidental Plaza at Second and Main.

“It’s smack dab in the middle of town,” McKenzie says. “It’s nice to be kind of centrally located.”

McKenzie will treat any age patient. He’s a certified play therapist and specializes in trauma treatment.

Stephanie Wiens and Chad Stafford of Occidental Management handled the lease.

McKenzie says he likes Wichita history, and Occidental Plaza is a big part of that.

“This is the oldest commercial building,” he says. He says “it kind of has a cool feel to it.”

McKenzie likes history so much, he once was a blacksmith at Old Cowtown Museum.

The man he apprenticed under “would tell me if this was actually 1870, I would actually starve to death because I was terrible.”

McKenzie says he’s a much better therapist than blacksmith.

“Let’s hope.”