Rage to open in former Club Liquid space

Wendy and Pat Alvarez in front of the future home of Rage in Old Town.

Wendy and Pat Alvarez in front of the future home of Rage in Old Town.

WICHITA — New Port of Wichita owner Pat Alvarez is working on a second bar, this time in Old Town.

Alvarez is opening Rage in the former Club Liquid space at 235 N. Mosley. He doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea with the bar’s name.

“I didn’t want to have a long, drawn-out name,” Alvarez says. “I just wanted one word that maybe screamed good time or party or fun, but not out of control.”

He says he’s going to “try to clean out that reputation (the bar) used to have.”

“I’m trying to draw an older crowd to downtown,” Alvarez says. “It’s going to be real clean cut.”

Unlike the Port where he went “with a real sexy theme” that includes an all-female, midriff-baring staff, Rage will be a little more tame.

“We’re not going to have … the girls in the risque clothes,” Alvarez says. “I just don’t think that Old Town is the place for that.”

He says, “When I go to Old Town … I think (it’s) a little bit more clean cut, and we’re going to carry that on so that nobody’s ever offended.”

Alvarez currently is “freshening up” the 6,000-square-foot building, which is twice the size of the Port, which is near Harry and Webb.

He’s just starting the licensing process, so Alvarez says that as much as he’d like to be open by New Year’s Eve, it more likely will be sometime in January before the bar opens.

Rage doesn’t have a kitchen, but the Port will do some catering at the Old Town bar on the weekends.

Alvarez plans to have bands on the weekends as well.

“We have mild rock and roll. We have country.”

There’s one thing Rage won’t have, he said.

“It’s not going to have any of the stigma it used to have.”