Scattered Lodges Trading Co. to open in Delano area

WICHITA – Scott Keller says he and his wife, RaShell, have been running a day care business from their home “until we can decide what it is we want to do when we grow up.”

They’ve decided now, and it’s Scattered Lodges Trading Co., a resale shop and eventual auction house that’s going to open in the former Beards Floral Design space in Delano.

“I have done pretty eclectic things,” Keller says.

He has worked in the sound and lighting business, earned a master’s degree and still has the day care business, which his wife will continue to run.

Scouting for items to resell is something Keller says he and his wife “just decided we were really good at.”

“I’ve always been able to find really excellent deals, whether it’s purchasing homes, cars, refrigerators (or) lawnmowers,” he says. “And my wife is kind of a Magnum P.I. on doing research on things.”

Keller says he thinks there’s a big demand for inexpensive items such as housewares, furniture and vintage clothing, and he thinks he can pass on savings to customers by purchasing items at estate sales, auctions and business closeout sales.

The Kellers have had some past sales but were limited on what they could do without a building. The space at 926 W. Second is 3,100 square feet.

The store will open in the next two or three weeks, and there will be a grand opening in the new year.

The auction portion of the business will begin within six months.

Keller says he and his wife like the people in Delano and the history of the area. History is so important to them, they’re going to dress in clothing from the 1850s to the 1900s to wait on customers.

“We think that will help us enjoy it and others as well,” he says. “Just kind of have some fun with it.”

They’re going to name each of the store’s five rooms after Wichita historical figures, such as Billy the Kid’s mother.

Keller says “scattered lodges” is one of the meanings of Wichita.

“The reference was quite fitting for what we do,” he says of his shop. “We’re kind of wrapping it in history.”