Commercial Insurance Group is now Chapple Insurance Group

UPDATED — Commercial Insurance Group’s new Florida office isn’t the only one that’s going to be known as Chapple Insurance Group.

The Wichita office has changed its name, too.

“There was a group out in California that had trademarked CIG,” says senior vice president Brent Wasson.

“With the presence of social media … I think they caught wind that we were using that same thing,” he says. “They sent us a cease-and-desist order.”

There were other companies nationally that had been using that name as well.

“So we weren’t alone in that deal,” Wasson says.

Picking a new name wasn’t easy, he says.

“We put names in a hat.”

Each one already seemed to be taken, though. Wasson says Chock Chapple, who owns the 10-year-old company, was reluctant to name the business for himself.

Wasson says the company functions as a group, which is why Chapple was hesitant, but he says everyone agreed the Chapple name is well known and has value in Wichita.

Though the company now does business as Chapple Insurance Group, its legal name is still Commercial Insurance Group so its contracts won’t have to change.

A new sign will be going up at the company’s office near Central and Webb. Otherwise, Wasson says, nothing is changing.

“It’s business as usual.”