Cheri’s Bakery owner lands cover of Bake

cheribakeWICHITA — Cheri Kovacic knew her Cheri’s Bakery likely would wind up in the November issue of Bake magazine, but she wasn’t prepared for what she found in her mailbox late last week.

Kovacic was at a convention a couple of months ago when she ran into the editor of Bake, which she describes as the go-to trade magazine for the baking industry.

She told him about a new system she implemented a year ago where customers use iPads to look at more than 2,000 pictures of cakes and cookies available at her store.

“Everybody wants to see something instantly,” Kovacic says. “It’s not just a visual gallery.”

Sales people can place orders on it, and cake and cookie decorators then use Kindles as guides while decorating.

“This is a digital thing that is secure at my location,” Kovacic says.

“It’s kind of the next step … trying to grow,” she says. “Customers love it.”

Kovacic says the editor thought it was interesting as well and mentioned a forthcoming innovation issue. He questioned her further about it.

“It’s a very cool system,” Kovacic says.

The Bake editor apparently thought so, too, because he put Kovacic on the cover.

“The cover was a surprise until it arrived in my mail,” she says.

The editor used her photo from an interview he did with her a few years ago.

“It was just a shock,” Kovacic says. “He just didn’t tell me he was going to put my picture on the cover.”