Beautiful Day Cafe to open near Central and Grove, but not for another year

dayWICHITA — Almost every restaurant seems to take months longer to open than expected, but Charolett Knapic’s is taking a while even by those loose standards.

That doesn’t mean her Beautiful Day Cafe isn’t happening, though, or that she’s any less excited about it.

“I’m passionate about it again,” says Knapic, who first announced her plans in August 2011.

Originally, she wanted to do a downtown market and small cafe. Then Knapic rethought the business.

“I wanted something bigger than just a small cafe.”

Now, she’s purchased a 1,500-square-foot building at 2516 E. Central, which is near Central and Grove, for the cafe and very small market.

“Eventually it will have Echo Landscapes’ garage and office in there, but that’s down the road a ways,” Kanpic says of her landscaping business.

She hopes the businesses can enhance each other.

Knapic comes from a farming family and also has a background in greenhouse management and commercial planting. With neighboring green space at her new property, she plans a community display garden where she’ll grow herbs, vegetables and fruit. Knapic says she wants to develop it with permaculture principles of feeding the soil, making it rich and regenerative.

“A lot of it is just old-time common sense,” she says.

When not growing her own food, Knapic says she wants to use locally sourced food and “as organic as possible food.”

“I like knowing where the food is coming from,” she says. “I like supporting our local people.”

Knapic is in the remodeling stage right now, which she expects could take as long as a year since her “bank wouldn’t lend me the whole shebang.”

When Beautiful Day does open, Knapic will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Though it’ll take a while, she says the project is a labor of love.

“It’ll be a slow, easy process.”