Adrian’s Cafe owner to open two Zorro’s Tacos and More restaurants

WICHITA — He’s not Spanish. Nor does he wear a mask or cape.

That’s not stopping restaurateur George Matta from using Zorro as his new mascot, though.

The owner of the Mediterranean Adrian’s Cafe at 21st and Rock Road is opening two new restaurants called Zorro’s Tacos & More.

“It’s a new … style of restaurant for me,” Matta says. “This is my first fast food.”

The restaurants are going in two former Taco Tico spaces: 2406 N. Anderson in Newton and 205 W. Seventh Ave. in Augusta.

“I wanted to expand, and I was looking for real estate to own,” Matta says.

“It’s going to be like Tex-Mex, you know, tacos and burritos and enchiladas … with some Mediterranean flair,” he says. “‘And more’ means whatever I want.”

That could be bierocks or gyros or hummus or whatever special he feels like making.

“To do just Mediterranean fast food, I don’t think … it will go,” Matta says. “Mexican food … there’s more demand.”

There are too many restaurants doing only Mexican food, though, he says.

“I didn’t want to do just tacos,” Matta says. “There’s so many taco places.”

That’s why he’s bringing a little from Adrian’s, which he’s owned for nine years.

Matta says he’ll use only 100 percent meat in his dishes, with no filler, which he says should set his restaurants apart.

East and west Wichita Zorro’s restaurants are possible if the first two do well.

“I’m not going crazy,” Matta says.

The Augusta restaurant likely will open Monday. The Newton location will open sometime in December.

Matta says his designer came up with the Zorro idea, and he says a California-based production company gave him the rights to use the name.

“He helped people,” Matta says of Zorro. “We’re going to help the community as much as we can.”