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Wichita physician to be featured on Discovery Channel’s “Monsters Inside Me”

WICHITA — Halloween may be over, but there are still monsters lurking about, though these ones generally are invisible.

Animal Planet’sMonsters Inside Me” examines bizarre medical cases. Monday’s episode features a patient who was treated by Wichita physician Keck Hartman.

“It’s kind of like a medical mystery thing,” Hartman says of the show, which often features cases with “a high yuck factor.”

“They’ve profiled some pretty interesting cases from a medical standpoint.”

A couple of years ago, Hartman, who is an infectious disease specialist, treated someone who had hantavirus. That’s a virus carried by mice and transmitted through their feces. Hartman says it’s scary because of how fast it can make someone seriously sick.

“It’s a very unusual infection to acquire in this part of the country,” Hartman says.

The virus can be deadly.

“As I’m sure the program will reveal, the patient survived and recovered,” Hartman says.

“I just helped manage the case,” he says. Hartman gives credit for the diagnosis to Wichita nephrologist Howard Day.

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You don’t say

“I think our new pharma-friends at CVS could use a little neighborly help mastering the tricky spelling of our city.”

– An e-mail from Wichita resident CJ Menousek on how the drug store spells the name of the city as “Witchita” on some of its receipts

Wichita River Festival consolidates, moves storage into one facility

WICHITA — Ever since Wichita Festivals gave up its longtime Wichita River Festival command center and storage facility to make way for AVI Seabar & Chophouse, it has used a couple of different places for storage.

“We have been guests of the Drury and their parking garage,” says Festivals president and CEO Mary Beth Jarvis.

Festivals also has been using the former Michaels building on East Kellogg. That building is slated to be razed next year, which is necessitating new storage space.

“We have been looking around for a new home for our odd collection of stuff,” Jarvis says.

That includes such things as signs, fencing and ticket booths.

Now, Jarvis says, “the wonderful folks at PEC” are donating part of the former Chilton Billiards space at 300 S. Topeka, which Professional Engineering Consultants owns, for Festivals to use.

“They are going to allow Wichita Festivals to park our stuff there,” Jarvis says.

PEC is still looking for someone to lease the 30,000-square-foot building. If a prospective tenant needs the entire space, “then we would have to gracefully yield,” Jarvis says. “Our goal will be to co-exist.”

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