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You don’t say

“I’ll be honest: I don’t know.”

– A pleased-and-curious Brad Steven when asked how Mike’s Wine Dive wound up as one of OpenTable’s top 100 restaurants nationwide for notable wine lists

Auburn Spirits to expand at Auburn Pointe

WICHITA – Gary Oborny and Frank Sauerwein are expanding their Auburn Spirits liquor store in time for the busy holiday season.

The two opened the store in 2008 at Oborny’s Auburn Pointe shopping center at the southeast corner of 135th and Maple, which his Occidental Management manages.

Auburn Spirits currently is in 4,800 square feet and is adding an additional 1,600 square feet from where Java Salon used to be. The salon moved to Central and Maize earlier this year.

With the new space, Auburn Spirits will expand its selection of liquor, wine and beer.

“We’re really excited about having more craft beer options for customers,” says marketing manager Emilee Clark.

She says customers will now be able to assemble their own six packs.

“It’s the easy way to not commit to the entire six pack but just be able to try different things.”

Also, the extra square footage means the store will be able to double its storage space.

“Storage is huge in the liquor industry to be able to offer good deals,” Clark says.

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Club Indigo to become Indigo Lounge and shift to more of a cocktail lounge

WICHITA — After almost two decades in business as Club Indigo, the Old Town bar will be changing names and concepts soon, though only slightly.

Brothers Brad and Brent Steven are changing the name of the business to Indigo Lounge.

Brad Steven says the connotation of a club is a much bigger place than the 250-seat bar, which can accommodate 350 in warmer weather.

He says the new feel of the place will be more of a cocktail lounge and not as much of a nightclub. There will still be music, but it won’t be as loud. The plan is to attract a bit of an older clientele along with couples and also attract more people earlier in the evening.

Brian Arenson, who is known as DJ Overpour in Kansas City, is going to take over Indigo’s operations. He’s moving here to be managing partner.

“We want someone who can really put some TLC in the place,” Steven says. “Brent and I are going to be completely hands off pretty much.”

They’re going to concentrate on their new Hill Bar & Grill along with their more established Mike’s Wine Dive.

“That’s kind of more of the direction we’re wanting to do careerwise,” Brad Steven says. “We plan on opening more restaurants. … We’re not planning on opening any more nightclubs.”

He says they do plan to keep Indigo, though.

“We love Indigo, and we want to continue to own Indigo.”

Bill Warren prepares to launch new website; also contemplates a new theater company

WICHITA — He has a $40 million theater in the works in Broken Arrow, Okla., but apparently that’s not enough of a new project to keep Bill Warren busy.

“I am thinking about starting a different theater company,” he says. “It’s just a different concept.”

Warren isn’t sharing details about it yet, but he probably will in a few months.

“I’ve been working on it for about eight months, and I think I’m probably … three months away from making the final decision on whether I’m doing it or not.”

One thing that is for sure happening a little more quickly is a new website for Warren Theatres.

“Unlike the government’s, ours will work,” Warren says. “We test ours out.”

It’s been about five years since the website was last revamped.

“We’re making it much easier to navigate,” Warren says.

He says the work is done in house, and the company takes suggestions from people who visit the site.

“We get some pretty good traffic on there,” Warren says.

On average, he says there are 45,000 visitors a week.

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