Welldone Skate Supply to open in Delano

WICHITA — It’s not widely known in the business community, but attorney Steve Joseph is into skateboarding.

No, the 67-year-old doesn’t skate himself – “I’d fall down and break a hip, and they’d have to bury me” – but he is investing in a skate shop for the second time.

Joseph previously invested in the Street behind Riverside Cafe at 13th and Bitting.

“It just didn’t work out at that location,” Joseph says.

Now, former Street owner Nathan Beste and Wichita Skateboarding Society founders Jake Williams and Cory Whitlock are opening Welldone Skate Supply in Delano.

“We’re trying to revamp and redo,” Beste says.

Joseph met Williams and Whitlock when they came to him to invest $100 in their Bangers Under the Bridge skateboarding event.

“Within five minutes of talking with them, I was so impressed, I decided I wanted to do business with these guys,” Joseph says. “This is really going to be a great thing.”

The 1,700-square-foot store will be at 617 W. Douglas in part of the space where All Things Barbecue was before moving across the street.

There will be a retail area in the front that will have skateboards, clothing and art supplies along with a Welldone line of socks, shirts, hats and boards. There also will be a skateboarding ramp in the back.

“This is the one thing that’s going to set us apart,” Joseph says.

“In the wintertime, kids will love it,” Williams says. “There’s nowhere to skate indoor around here.”

Skaters can rent one of six spots on the ramp for $5 an hour, or they can rent the entire ramp for $30 an hour.

The store will open by Nov. 10 and likely have a soft opening before that.

“We had always dreamed to own a shop but never realistically thought it would happen,” Whitlock says.

“We have the best skateboarders in town working for us,” Joseph says. “They’ll buy me out before too long I’m sure.”

So how did he come to invest in skateboarding in the first place?

“I do entrepreneurial things,” Joseph says. “ … It’s just in my blood.”

He then reconsiders, since he doesn’t want everyone in town thinking he’s a potential investor.

“I stay away from most things, but not everything.”