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You don’t say

“We are willing to do whatever we can to help the French family fulfill their dreams of living in … a capitalistic, free society.”

Jo Zakas, who is eager to fill the restaurant space at Clifton Square but also is willing to work with the Fraikin family to end their odyssey across America and open their Au Paris-Bruxelles restaurant here

Local Five Guys Burgers and Fries franchisees to open Rita’s Italian Ice

WICHITA — It may be hard to believe that anyone could still be hungry after a Five Guys Burgers and Fries meal, but franchisee Jeff Miller says the biggest question he and his brother, Jay, hear at their restaurants is, “Do you have dessert?”

The answer has been, “No,” until now.

“We’ve been looking for a way to satisfy that demand for a while,” Jeff Miller says.

The Millers have signed a development deal to bring Rita’s Italian Ice to Kansas.

“This product is amazing,” Miller says. Wichitans “are just going to be so thrilled.”

Each Rita’s will be its own business but done in tandem with Five Guys.

“It’s a little complicated,” Miller says.

For the first Rita’s, he says they’ll steal a small amount of space from the Five Guys restaurant in Comotara Center at 29th and Rock Road. They’ll also use space next door that they’d previously planned to keep for training.

“We just haven’t utilized it the way we like,” Miller says.

Jay Miller used to live in Philadelphia where Rita’s is based.

Jeff Miller says he can picture people in the Midwest who are unfamiliar with Italian ice saying, “Aww, it’s just a fancy slushy.”

He says the ice is “so much more than that.”

“It has a texture to it that’s almost creamy,” Miller says. “You’re going to find it hard to believe.”

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Absolute Natural Stones owners will open a Taylor Rental dealership at the company’s new headquarters

Nazir (left) and Ammar Jesri in the field on East Kellogg where they’re moving their Absolute Natural Stones.

WICHITA — Brothers Ammar and Nazir Jesri have been desperately trying to leave their Absolute Natural Stones space at 10909 E. Kellogg to make room for the city to widen the road, but there’s been one thing that’s kept them from opening at their new space:

The city.

“We had to work things out with the city, and today we got a building permit,” Nazir Jesri says.

The Jesris will build a 12,000-square-foot building on 10 acres at 12225 E. Kellogg.

“We were supposed to be in by now,” Nazir Jesri says. “We ended up losing some money by not being there.”

When the business opens in its new space, the Jesris will debut a new business as well.

“We’re bringing in a franchise called Taylor Rental,” Nazir Jesri says.

The dealership is part of True Value, the Chicago-based company that has hardware stores of the same name.

Jesri says the rental business rents general tools and equipment, such as tractors, forklifts and special kinds of saws, for home and commercial use.

“It’ll complement our business,” he says.

For instance, a customer of his might buy flagstone from Absolute Natural Stones but then go elsewhere to rend a sod cutter and compacter to make a base to put the stone in. Jesri says it makes sense to get everything in one place.

The companies will be separate entities but in the same space.

There will be a party rental side of the business as well for tents, chairs, tables and tablecloths among other things.

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