P.A.T.H. Clinic and Marstall Nutritional Consulting move to Hartman Oil Building

Wheeler the Healer Hartman at work in his new office.

WICHITA — Clinical psychologist Beth Hartman McGilley, who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, and nutritionist Kimberly Marstall are moving their practices to the Hartman Oil Building at 10500 E. Berkeley Square Parkway.

The two have been at Lakepoint Office Park at 9342 E. Central for years, and McGilley says they weren’t looking to move.

“I loved it there,” McGilley says. “I had a little office that looked kind of like a tree house.”

The problem is, she says, her landlord decided he liked the space, too.

“He basically kicked us out and said he wanted the top floor for himself.”

McGilley’s P.A.T.H. Clinic and Marstall’s Marstall Nutritional Consulting are separate businesses but work well together, McGilley says.

“We collaborate.”

They’ll share 1,000 square feet. Therapist Angie Hardage-Bundy will use the space part time for individual and group therapy as she’s finishing her dissertation.

McGilley says in addition to a general practice, Hardage-Bundy provides dialectical and behavioral therapy, which is a form of treatment for people with trauma and impulse control issues. She says that can be helpful for people with eating disorders and is a good addition to her own practice.

She says the move is happening quickly, and they’re not completely settled.

“We haven’t fully hung our shingle yet.”

McGilley is finding that people in the building think she’s related to Wink Hartman Sr., who owns it, which she isn’t.

She’s looking forward to meeting him, though, and hears Hartman wants to meet her goldendoodle therapy dog, Wheeler the Healer Hartman.

“He’s apparently a real dog lover.”

McGilley already knows what she’s going to say.

“Mr. Hartman, meet Mr. Hartman.”