Skeletons Out of the Closet to open in Delano this week

WICHITA — Skeletons Out of the Closet is opening in time for Halloween, but the new Delano shop is not going to be one of those temporary holiday stores.

Instead, it’s an endeavor that combines Jessica Dunne-Olson’s eclectic background in social work, forensic and cultural anthropology and osteology, or the study of bones.

“It’s unique home decor and furniture,” Dunne-Olson says of what she’ll sell.

The shop, including a workroom, will be in 1,800 square feet at 615 W. Douglas.

“We use a lot of discarded trash in our pieces,” Dunne-Olson says. “It’s upcycled.”

The items aren’t merely repainted, she says.

“Some of it’s redesigned.”

One piece, a hall tree, is made entirely of things others threw away. For instance, the top of it came from a silver luggage rack in a motel that was destroyed by a tornado.

“Everything in that piece is unique.”

That includes the artist, a formerly homeless man.

“We were just trying to keep him from being back on the street,” says Dunne-Olson, whose bachelor’s degree in social work prepared her for working with the homeless.

She’s going to sell “all kinds of different items,” including decorative skulls made from human casts, a plaster Jesus from Louisiana and a line of tiny creatures from California called Furrybones.

“They’re little adorable … knick-knacky things,” Dunne-Olson says.

“I really like bones and creepy things,” she says. “I like to paint them pink and purple and girly. I like to sparkle (and) girlify them.”

Conversely, she like to take soft and feminine items and “creepify them.”

Dunne-Olson’s shop happens to fit well with the Halloween season.

“Hence why I needed to be open in October,” she says.

Though she’s not entirely ready, “I am opening Friday no matter what.”