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Skeletons Out of the Closet to open in Delano this week

WICHITA — Skeletons Out of the Closet is opening in time for Halloween, but the new Delano shop is not going to be one of those temporary holiday stores.

Instead, it’s an endeavor that combines Jessica Dunne-Olson’s eclectic background in social work, forensic and cultural anthropology and osteology, or the study of bones.

“It’s unique home decor and furniture,” Dunne-Olson says of what she’ll sell.

The shop, including a workroom, will be in 1,800 square feet at 615 W. Douglas.

“We use a lot of discarded trash in our pieces,” Dunne-Olson says. “It’s upcycled.”

The items aren’t merely repainted, she says.

“Some of it’s redesigned.”

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State closes Vision Doctors and Showroom Automotive for failure to pay taxes

UPDATED — The Kansas Department of Revenue and Alcoholic Beverage Control seized assets of two businesses on Tuesday.

According to a news release, the state closed four Vision Doctors sites, including offices in Wichita, Derby, Goddard and Wellington, for what it says is $229,981 in back taxes.

The state also closed Showroom Automotive in Haysville for what it says is $11,294 in unpaid sales tax.

The state issued a follow-up release today to say that it allowed Vision Doctors to reopen “after the owner submitted missing tax returns for the business periods on the warrants. The income tax warrants are still in effect.”

Neither Michael Gordon with Vision Doctors nor Samuel A. Valdez or Samuel J. Valdez with Showroom Automotive could be reached for comment.

The release says assets from both of the businesses will be sold at auction to pay the taxes.

Eric Fahnestock and Dennis Turner buy Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchise

Eric Fahnestock, left, and David Carrillo of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning.

WICHITA — It’s been almost two years since Eric Fahnestock resigned as president of Fahnestock Heating & Air Conditioning, but he’s finally found a new line of work.

He’s purchased an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchise.

His former stepmother, DeeAnne Fahnestock, now runs the HVAC company, which does business as Fahnestock Plumbing, HVAC & Electric.

Since his resignation, Fahnestock has been searching for the right career fit.

“It’s been a long ride, let’s put it that way,” he says. “I’d been looking for this kind of opportunity, but they don’t always jump off the page at you.”

He was in the insurance business for four weeks “just trying it out.”

“It wasn’t going to be my thing.”

Fahnestock looked at other franchises and businesses to partner on.

“Luckily, my pastor brought me this,” he says of Eastside Community Church founding pastor Dennis Turner.

“It’s a blessing,” Fahnestock says. “It’s a testament to how far I’ve come as an individual in my walk with the Lord.”

Fahnestock lost his father, George, in 2010.

“It was tough going through losing my dad.”

He then lost his career the following year.

“It was my life for 13 years,” Fahnestock says. “It was my family’s business for 65 years. It’s kind of in my blood. But circumstances dictate that you have to make tough decisions.”

He never revealed why he felt he had to resign.

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Bikers Edge expands with new 5,000-square-foot service center

WICHITA — Bikers Edge, a power sports dealership, is building a new service center next to its existing building at 1201 E. Central.

“We do everything from the front-end sales to the parts and apparel … and we also do service as well,” says controller Amber West. “It’s a decent part of our business for sure.”

The store, which is in about 13,000 square feet, sells Polaris ATVs and Victory and Triumph motorcycles. It does warranty work on what it sells along with other motorcycles that customers buy elsewhere.

“Currently our service center is attached to our building in the back now,” West says. The new building is “going to be its own stand-alone building.”

Whatever Bikers Edge displays in front of the store during the day then has to be stored in the service center overnight.

With the new service center space, West says, “They don’t have to worry about anything interfering with that.”

West says the 5,000-square-foot center should be ready in the next six weeks or so, depending on weather.

“We just want to give our service customers a nice, new facility.”