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Vapor Trail E-Cigs to open on North Woodlawn later this month

WICHITA — Vapor stores are becoming almost as popular as new indoor sports facilities lately.

Michael Fieser and his family are opening Vapor Trail E-Cigs at 3570 N. Woodlawn later this month.

Fieser and his wife, Bonita, own Royal Heirs Pet Spa. They’re taking advantage of the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes by opening Vapor Trail with their son, Jason Reece, and his wife, Elizabeth.

Michael Fieser says they’ll have almost 200 nicotine-flavored liquids for use in the e-cigarettes.

“The big thing is the liquids,” he says. “We make our own e-liquids.”

Vapor Trail, which will be in 1,250 square feet, will have an area for customers to sample products before they buy.

“We call it a tasting bar,” Fieser says.

“It’s really upscale,” he says of what they’re planning. “It just looks really cool.”

Fieser says the unit next to where his family is opening should be available by next year, which he says will allow them to have a lounge area.

“We’re hoping to expand and have the big vaping lounge.”

You don’t say

“Is that why Bartelli’s closed, too?”

– A fifth grade boy at Peterson Elementary School who was wondering about the government shutdown and how it may have affected the west-side pizza place

Craig Gabel in dispute with former Mike’s Steakhouse landlord

WICHITA – Craig Gabel may be gone from the former Mike’s Steakhouse space on Broadway, but he’s still in a battle with his landlord.

“This has been a very, very rough relationship,” says Gabel, who began leasing the space at 2131 S. Broadway in 2004.

Have You Heard? reported Gabel left the space in August and moved some equipment and staff to Cathy’s Westway Cafe at 1215 W. Pawnee, which he’s been running since then.

Gabel says he still has about $60,000 worth of air conditioning units and exhaust fans at the Broadway address, and he had a crane scheduled to remove them today.

His landlord, who does business as JL & DW Inc., filed an application for a restraining order and a temporary and permanent injunction to prevent Gabel from taking the equipment. A restraining order has been granted until a hearing later this month.

Terry Moore, the attorney for the landlord, didn’t return a call to comment on the issue, which also involves some late rent that Gabel says he has now paid.

In the application, Moore included two pieces of electronic communication that he and his client have had with Gabel.

In an e-mail, Gabel told Moore: “Please dispense with the threats in future letters to me.”

In a text to the landlord, Gabel wrote: “If we see your face again at mikes or my home we will call a cop and file a stalking charge.” He also texted: “Sent ur lawyer email offering to get this settled b4 somebody steal the copper and A/C’s.”

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Wichita Sports Academy set to open

WICHITA — Another new indoor sports facility is opening in Wichita.

Wichita Sports Academy grew out of Brian Patton’s frustration with another place where his son was playing baseball.

Patton, who is in the paintless dent repair business, says his son was on a top-ranked team but wasn’t able to go to a state tournament because of something that happened at the facility.

“They said it was a business decision,” Patton says. “I said, ‘Well, my son’s not a business.’ ”

That was a few years ago. Now Patton has rented a 20,000-square-foot building at 1627 S. Sabin, which is two blocks west of Harry and West streets, to organize baseball and softball teams for boys and girls. He’s calling them ICT Crush and Lady Crush.

The space also will be available for soccer teams to rent.

Patton says since he has another business to pay his bills, “That’s not what my academy is about.”

He’ll begin holding tryouts in November and December for teams to play throughout the year. A website will be coming soon at www.wichitasportsacademy.com.

Patton hopes to eventually be able to build his own building in northwest Wichita.

He’d planned to do that from the start, but it didn’t work out. Nor did Wichita Sports Academy happen as quickly as he would have liked.

“Now,” he says, “it’s finally coming about.”