Mike’s Bikes moves to larger space; Mike Steven Mitsubishi gets expanded car lot

Bike enthusiast Mike Steven on one of his Mike’s Bikes.

WICHITA — Car dealer Mike Steven is frank about why he started Mike’s Bikes a decade ago.

“It was mostly just for fun more than anything,” he says of selling electric bicycles and motor scooters.

“I’ve been fooling around with it more than anything for the last 10 years.”

That’s changed, though.

“Now we’re getting serious about it.”

The business had been in a small building at Mike Steven Mitsubishi just east of Kellogg and Woodlawn.

“It really wasn’t much of a display,” Steven says. “We didn’t have a good location.”

The business now is in the building immediately west of there where Midwest Kia used to be. The new space is vastly bigger, which Steven says is crucial for the business.

“It takes a lot more room than I thought it would.”

He’ll be adding new motorized equipment, such as ATVs.

“I’m going to stock more,” says Steven, who also is a Vespa franchisee. “There’s a lot of new electric fun things coming.”

Steven thinks there’s a market for it.

“Well, there should be.”

Mike’s Bikes sells parts, accessories and clothing. The store also has a full-time mechanic. Steven says he thinks he has one of the few places around that offers repair services for motorized bikes.

After the Kia dealership moved to Kellogg and Tyler late this summer, Steven began moving his Mitsubishi cars to the lot in front of where Mike’s Bikes now is.

“It’s already tripled our sales,” he says.

He says there’s more to come after he’s through with the small building where Mike’s Bikes was and gets it torn town.

“We’re expanding our Mitsubishi lot,” Steven says. “It’ll be big.”