Justin McClure Creative provides ideas for new film version of ‘Carrie’

WICHITA — Wichita is a long way from Hollywood, but Justin McClure has now worked on his second movie.

“I was thrilled for the opportunity,” McClure says of doing concept work for the new release of the supernatural horror film “Carrie.”

“We knew it was a big production,” he says of himself and others at Justin McClure Creative.

McClure says he was contacted by Los Angeles-based mOcean, a creative agency, to do the work.

“They were looking for ideas outside of what they had already created for the project,” he says. “We were kind of that first step in the development of a look.”

That was a year ago.

“We had to go back and do a lot of research,” McClure says. “I had seen the (original) movie, but it had been years ago.”

McClure says he created concepts and ideas that could be used in promotional material and in the opening of the movie.

“They’re brought to life in a kind of illustrative way,” he says.

He created more than a couple of dozen style frames with various techniques and looks.

He had one concept of a flower as a metaphor for a girl coming of age. To bring in the horror aspect of the movie, McClure took propane and a torch to live orchids.

“They were intrigued by that concept,” he says of others associated with the movie.

McClure isn’t sure how his work may have inspired anything with the movie, which will be released Oct. 18.

“The truth is, I don’t know where it went to and how it got developed.”

He says his company’s involvement may not be huge in the grand scheme of things, but “it’s big for us.”

The previous movie McClure did concept work for was the Nicholas Sparks romance “Safe Haven.”

McClure hopes to do more.

“I’d love to. It’s fun. It’s a great medium to work in. Just to be involved … in the thought process.”