Son of Dave’s Pool Store founder will continue the family’s business

UPDATED — It was Sept. 18 when Dave’s Pool Store owner Dave Scheideman shared the story of how he planned to move his store a short distance from 915 N. West St. to larger space at 909 N. West St.

Four days later, he died in a motorcycle accident.

Now, his son, Brian, is working to keep the business running.

“It’s pretty intense for me right now trying to figure everything out and keep the machine going,” Brian Scheideman says. “I’m just trying to get a grasp on it and also try to cope with the death of my father.”

The business, which Dave Scheideman opened in 1984, is older than 26-year-old Brian Scheideman.

He says when he was a child, his father would put his bicycle in his van and bring him to work.

“I’d just explore the neighborhood and do my thing,” Scheideman says. “As I got older, I would start helping out and doing stuff. … It was fun. I got to do the fun parts of the job.”

About seven years ago, he became a more regular employee. The last few years “is when I started taking it really seriously.”

“I’m really passionate about this job,” Scheideman says. “I’m a born helper, so when I can’t do that, it kind of drives me nuts.”

He says the move is scheduled for sometime around early winter, which is what his father had planned.

“This is his dream, to get that building finished and to move in,” Scheideman says.

“He was never in it for riches,” he says. “He wanted to leave me something. He always told me growing up that he wanted me to have a better opportunity than he did.”

Scheideman says he father “definitely showed me a lot” but was also private about his business in many ways.

“There’s just a lot of things he didn’t teach anybody how to do.”

Scheideman says in the last year, his father’s wife, Teddi, became more involved in the financial side of the company, which helped with bills and now helps since he’s gone.

Repeat customers were important to Dave Scheideman, his son says.

“He was a firm believer if you treat people right, it will come back around to you,” he says. “He was always about treating everybody’s backyard like it was your own.”

That’s what Brian Scheideman now wants to do.

“This job is definitely something for me,” he says. “I mean, it’s got its ups and downs like any other job, but I really do enjoy it. I’m excited to see it through and continue it on.”

Scheideman says he knows that he has to earn the respect of customers and employees, and he won’t have it simply because of his father.

“I just want a chance to earn their respect the way my dad did and prove that I can … run this business,” he says. “That’s a big part of what I’m going to be doing these first few years.”