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You don’t say

“I don’t normally spend this much time having a conversation with you because I know it doesn’t do any good.”

– Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer to conservative blogger Bob Weeks as the two argued over cronyism during Tuesday’s City Council meeting

“I really wasn’t offended today … because the mayor’s been ruder to better people than me.”

– Weeks’ response when asked about the exchange after the meeting

Gov. Sam Brownback is a fan of fried Milky Ways

WICHITA — Why talk business when there’s food on a stick to discuss?

Gov. Sam Brownback was the guest speaker at the Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association’s Evening of Hospitality Monday at the Hyatt Regency Wichita.

He talked about a lot of things, such as the federal government shutdown.

“Hope you’re praying for your country.”

And small business.

“Small business is the engine of growth,” he said to applause.

Not surprisingly, though, his most fun remarks were about food.

“I eat all foods that come my way, so I appreciate everybody here.”

Brownback explained what a dining roller coaster he’s been on the last few weeks.

First there was an obesity summit he attended, followed by the Kansas State Fair.

Though Brownback is partial to Oreos, he said he ate an entire fried Milky Way on a stick – minus the stick – while at the fair.

He suggested it might be something for restaurateurs in the audience to check into.

“I don’t know if some of you want to consider serving that on a regular basis.”

PawPrints Pet Supply to open in Valley Center late this month

WICHITA — A therapy dog named Sophie is the inspiration behind a new pet supply store opening in Valley Center.

Dianna Richards left her job as a school para but didn’t like retirement as an option for what to do next.

“I just wasn’t ready for that,” she says.

Richards has a couple of Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Sophie and Bruiser.

Sophie has allergies, which Richards says “kind of opened my eyes to the different needs of dogs.”

She sought help and advice from All Paws Pet Center in Wichita. The more she learned, the more she thought about her own store.

It “just kind of made me fall in love with the whole idea of it,” Richards says.

So she’s opening PawPrints Pet Supply in a small space at 108 N. Ash in Valley Center.

“I just want to be … just a neighborhood store,” Richards says.

She says she’s directed a lot of people to All Paws, but she hopes Valley Center residents and others in her area will stop in to her store for supplies. Richards plans to eventually add a self-service dog wash.

Richards says the store will open Oct. 26 and have a grand opening on Nov. 16.

“I just decided to do something I always wanted to do.”

Son of Dave’s Pool Store founder will continue the family’s business

UPDATED — It was Sept. 18 when Dave’s Pool Store owner Dave Scheideman shared the story of how he planned to move his store a short distance from 915 N. West St. to larger space at 909 N. West St.

Four days later, he died in a motorcycle accident.

Now, his son, Brian, is working to keep the business running.

“It’s pretty intense for me right now trying to figure everything out and keep the machine going,” Brian Scheideman says. “I’m just trying to get a grasp on it and also try to cope with the death of my father.”

The business, which Dave Scheideman opened in 1984, is older than 26-year-old Brian Scheideman.

He says when he was a child, his father would put his bicycle in his van and bring him to work.

“I’d just explore the neighborhood and do my thing,” Scheideman says. “As I got older, I would start helping out and doing stuff. … It was fun. I got to do the fun parts of the job.”

About seven years ago, he became a more regular employee. The last few years “is when I started taking it really seriously.”

“I’m really passionate about this job,” Scheideman says. “I’m a born helper, so when I can’t do that, it kind of drives me nuts.”

He says the move is scheduled for sometime around early winter, which is what his father had planned.

“This is his dream, to get that building finished and to move in,” Scheideman says.

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