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Board of Indigents’ Defense Services signs new downtown lease near courthouse

WICHITA — As expected, the state Board of Indigents’ Defense Services is moving ahead with a lease at 266 N. Main.

The office currently is at 150 N. Main.

“It’s a lot closer to the courthouse,” director Patricia Scalia says of the new space. She says that’s “a big plus for us because as public defenders, our attorneys are back and forth to the courthouse morning and afternoon.”

Scalia says the extra block and a half closer “might not sound like a lot, but on a winter morning, that feels like a lot.”

The agency’s existing lease is up in June. The current office is 1,640 square feet with 820 square feet of storage and free common areas as well.

The new lease is for 3,222 square feet along with additional common areas for which the agency will have to pay.

Craig Simon of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

The Kansas Corporation Commission and the Kansas Human Rights Commission are expected to signs leases in the same building as well. Look for that news next month.

You don’t say

“It’s a ‘Game of Thrones’ in Washington. We’ve got two powerful groups that are trying to make a point. The peasants are in the way.”

– Bill Dunkelberg, economist with the National Federation of Independent Business, in an interview after Thursday’s Wichita Area Economic Outlook Conference

Neighbors oppose 21st and Oliver rezoning

WICHITA — A couple of businesses are seeking limited commercial zoning at and near the northwest corner of 21st and Oliver, but it’s an uphill battle.

“The neighbors were not very delighted about it,” says attorney Bob Kaplan, who is working on the rezoning.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Commission recently voted 7 to 4 against recommending the rezoning.

“I didn’t expect to get accommodations, and believe me, I didn’t,” Kaplan says.

The Mike Marks family owns the northwest corner property, and Rip Gooch owns the lot to the north.

Kaplan is seeking the limited commercial zoning with a protective overlay, which would allow for only two uses: a convenience store and fuel stop on the corner and a pharmacy and drug store on the other lot.

It sounds like CVS may be the pharmacy, but Kaplan won’t discuss specifics on either of the businesses.

He says he can’t think of many arterial intersections in Wichita that aren’t zoned for commercial uses.

There’s already a shopping center, church and Wichita State University’s golf course at the intersection.

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