Moonridge Plaza is the first of two new strip centers near 29th and Tyler

WICHITA — Husband and wife Manzoor and Nargis Ul-Haq are developing a new strip center near 29th and Tyler and have a second one planned.

The first, Moonridge Plaza, is a 12,000-square-foot center at 2923 N. Tyler.

“Demographics over there are absolutely incredible,” says Cory Harkleroad of KW Commercial, who is handling leasing at the center.

The Ul-Haqs will take part of the center’s 12,000 square feet to do two shops.

The first is a party store.

The Ul-Haqs’ son, Imran Manzoor, says a party store makes sense because of the lack of places that sell party supplies in that area and the frequency with which people throw parties for their children.

“It’s like a mandatory thing,” he says, laughing.

Manzoor says parents across all demographics throw parties for their kids.

“It’s a given fact,” he says. “Then there’s all other holidays.”

Manzoor says his family is working with Discount Party Supplies of Las Vegas. The store is similar to a franchise. However, they can choose their own name, which they haven’t done yet, and carry whatever supplies they want.

The store should open by Dec. 1.

“Our goal was before Halloween, but that’s not going to work,” Manzoor says.

The family is planning a second business at Moonridge Plaza but is going to get the party store established before doing anything else.

Harkleroad says a nail salon has a letter of intent to locate at the center. After that and the Ul-Haqs’ second business, there will be about 3,100 square feet left to lease.

“We’d like to have a local or a family-style restaurant there,” Harkleroad says.

Then the Ul-Haqs plan a second center to the south of the first. Manzoor says the second center will be at least 10,000 square feet and should be coming relatively soon.

“If everything works out, probably about another 12 months or so.”