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Reunion planned for former David’s and Rusty’s Outdoor Sports employees

WICHITA — Without the aid of an alumni association or anything else, some organizers are trying to find past employees of David’s department stores and Rusty’s Outdoor Sports stores for a reunion.

The two longtime Wichita companies – Rusty’s grew out of David’s – had hundreds of employees at multiple stores over many decades.

“It was like a big family,” says Greg Woodburn, who was a manager for both businesses. “It wasn’t like what retail is now – big conglomerates and box stores.”

He says David’s was sort of the Wal-Mart of its day, and though it was known for sporting goods, it sold a little bit of everything.

Woodburn says it was “kind of like a small company and a large company at the same time.”

“I haven’t worked for David’s for 35 years, and people still remember me from David’s and the Rusty’s stores,” he says. “That’s just where people shopped. That was the place to go.”

Woodburn says David’s “used to run crazy ads” for deeply discounted items.

“There’d be hundreds of people in the parking lot before we even opened.”

There’s a Facebook page to sign up for the reunion, which will be Nov. 2 at Abode Venue.

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Invio Fine Furniture Consignment to move

WICHITA — This time last year, Have You Heard? reported that for the second time in less than six months — and the third time in less than two years — Invio Fine Furniture Consignment was expanding.

Now, Annie and Eric Johnsen are expanding their east-side business again and moving it to a new area.

The store is moving from 3,750 square feet at the strip center behind Havertys on Rock Road to 4,800 square feet at 535 N. Woodlawn next to Great Harvest Bread.

“It’s got more space, and it’s just more accessible,” Annie Johnsen says.

She says she’s had to advertise quite a bit to let people know where the store is currently, and it’s worked well.

However, Johnsen says the new space “will give us an opportunity to reach more people.”

Though visibility is the main reason behind the move, she says, “We can always use more space.”

Johnsen says she’s added three employees and is making improvements to make it easier for consignors to sell items at the shop.

The store’s new location will open Oct. 2.

George David and Bud Palmer hope third time’s the charm for selling 10 acres

WICHITA – George David and Bud Palmer are hoping the third time is the charm for 10 acres of land they’re trying to sell in the 300 block of West 29th Street North across from the Cortez Mexican Restaurant.

Palmer has owned the property for 10 years and was going to donate the land for a church, but the diocese couldn’t raise the money to build.

Then he and David partnered on the land through their David and Palmer Properties and thought they had a deal to sell to a retirement village. That also didn’t work out because the retirement business lost its funding.

“We’re looking for the third deal to slam dunk this thing,” David says.

He put a sale sign up on the property for the first time this week, and David thinks it should attract interest.

“Where do you find 10 acres in the city of Wichita in one place?”

David says the property is “kind of eating up a bunch of time” and he wants to be done with it.

“This has got to be the deal, whatever the third deal is.”

Moonridge Plaza is the first of two new strip centers near 29th and Tyler

WICHITA — Husband and wife Manzoor and Nargis Ul-Haq are developing a new strip center near 29th and Tyler and have a second one planned.

The first, Moonridge Plaza, is a 12,000-square-foot center at 2923 N. Tyler.

“Demographics over there are absolutely incredible,” says Cory Harkleroad of KW Commercial, who is handling leasing at the center.

The Ul-Haqs will take part of the center’s 12,000 square feet to do two shops.

The first is a party store.

The Ul-Haqs’ son, Imran Manzoor, says a party store makes sense because of the lack of places that sell party supplies in that area and the frequency with which people throw parties for their children.

“It’s like a mandatory thing,” he says, laughing.

Manzoor says parents across all demographics throw parties for their kids.

“It’s a given fact,” he says. “Then there’s all other holidays.”

Manzoor says his family is working with Discount Party Supplies of Las Vegas. The store is similar to a franchise. However, they can choose their own name, which they haven’t done yet, and carry whatever supplies they want.

The store should open by Dec. 1.

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