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You don’t say

“This B2B is A2Z. From Angry Birds at the Meritrust Credit Union booth to Zany décor (a leg lamp from the movie A Christmas Story) at the Green Biz Wichita display.”

– An e-mail quoting Angie Elliott of the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce on the group’s 2013 business-to-business EXPOsure trade show

Willard Garvey’s ‘Epic Life’ told in new book

UPDATED — Maura McEnaney was a young journalist who had moved to Nevada in 1979 when she first encountered Wichita’s Garvey family at their ranch there. That included late patriarch Willard Garvey.

Willard Garvey’s image superimposed over a map that Pan American World Airways once gave him to document his many travels on that airline.

“I remember him just like spouting off all these things that he had been involved in, and I sort of didn’t really believe it,” McEnaney says. “I thought he was telling some tall tales, truly.”

More recently ,McEnaney spent five years researching the businessman’s life for a book about him. Interviews with people such as Craig Miner, the late historian, architect Sid Platt and Misco Industries chairman Bud Beren set her straight about what Garvey did and accomplished.

“That was kind of the fun thing about writing the book,” McEnaney says. “Everything he was talking about was true.”

LibertyTree Press is releasing “Willard Garvey, An Epic Life” next month.

LibertyTree is part of the California-based Independent Institute, a public policy research and education foundation. Garvey’s son-in-law, David Theroux, is president of the institute.

Though Garvey’s story is a personal one, Theroux says Garvey’s life is intertwined with the development of modern American life.

“It’s a huge slice of that history.”

McEnaney says Garvey was something of a more sophisticated Forrest Gump, who regularly found himself part of local, national and international history.

“Willard is very much that kind of a person … in a far more prestigious role,” she says.

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Dave’s Pool Store to move, expand

Dave Scheideman in front of what will be the new Dave’s Pool Store.

WICHITA — Pool season may be winding down, but Dave’s Pool Store is gearing up for future business.

Owner Dave Scheideman is moving his store a short distance from 915 N. West St. to 909 N. West St. and expanding from 1,100 square feet to 2,500 square feet.

“I just ran out of room for running my business,” he says.

The new building has 4,900 square feet. Scheideman will lease the space he’s not using.

“We’re working on that now,” he says of finding tenants.

The business, which Scheideman opened in 1984, is geared toward pool service and repairs.

“We’re going to continue with that theme.”

He also sells above-ground pools, and now he’ll be able to display them for the first time.

“The product line will probably stay the same,” Scheideman says. “I’ll just be able to display it, let’s say more visibly.”

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