Wichita Medical Associates to move into Alzheimer’s Association space

WICHITA — Now that the Alzheimer’s Association is leaving its space at 347 S. Laura, as Have You Heard? reported Monday, Wichita Medical Associates is preparing to move in.

Practice manager David Bise says physician Kevin Bryant wants to own his own space and be in a central location.

The practice is currently at 6130 E. Central near Central and Woodlawn.

Bryant specializes in long-term care for patients in assisted living and nursing homes.

This will be the first time he owns his own space. The move most likely will happen the second week of October.

The Alzheimer’s Association is moving later this month to 1820 E. Douglas, which Wichita Festivals is vacating for new space at 444 E. William.

“It’s been great working with the Alzheimer’s Association,” Bise says.

He particularly credits executive director Marsha Hills.

“She’s just been great with helping everybody coordinate efforts to get switched and little projects that everybody wants to get done before they move in.”