Popular former Welch Cleaners globe is broken but most likely will be fixed

The former Welch Cleaners globe where it sits waiting to be fixed.

WICHITA — There’s good news and bad news about the globe that used to be atop the former Welch Cleaners building at 749 N. Broadway.

First the bad news: The globe is damaged.

Building owner Evan Nguyen, who has been trying to sell or lease the property for a few years, wanted to have the globe’s lights repaired. He had some friends in the sign business take it down, which they did without incident until they got the light to the ground. When they released it from wire they’d used to remove it, the globe rolled away and got damaged.

“The whole globe, it broke,” Nguyen says.

The good news is, he says, his friends say the globe can be fixed. Most likely, that is.

“I don’t know if they can fix it or not,” Nguyen says.

He’s already been waiting a couple of months. Nguyen says he’s already paid his friends for the work to get the globe down.

“However, they disappointed me.”

The former Welch Cleaners globe in happier days.

There’s always been a lot of interest in the globe. Two years ago, Have You Heard? reported that the globe was attracting more interest than the building.

At the time, Nguyen said some people offered him a couple thousand dollars for it.

“I’m laughing,” he said then. “I don’t know why they’re crazy about it.”

Now that the globe is broken, though, Nguyen may be feeling a bit differently.

“I still feel very bad,” he says. His friends “always say, ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry.’

“But what do you do? There’s not another one like that.”