Peterson Publications no longer will produce Go Wichita’s visitors guide

WICHITA — Last year, Have You Heard? reported that Peterson Publications no longer would produce the Kansas Official Visitors Guide, much to the disappointment of the Topeka-based company’s president, Jeff Peterson.

Now, the company is no longer going to produce the Go Wichita visitors guide, but Peterson says that was his choice.

“We’re just reorganizing some of the things that we are doing here,” he says. “This was really strictly a business decision.”

Peterson says he hopes the convention and visitors bureau would hire a local company to do the work.

“With the Wichita guide, it really takes … going and seeing a lot of the smaller businesses there. We’re not right in Wichita, so it was quite a bit of travel for our sales manager.”

Peterson says it may have been different if the company still was producing the state guide.

Go Wichita has hired Arizona-based Madden Media, which also produces the state guide.

“They did excellent work with the state, so we included them in the opportunity to bid,” says Go Wichita spokesman James Williams.

He says the CVB also looked at a Lawrence company and one that had worked with the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce.

“I think it’s unfortunate,” Peterson says of the decision. “It takes a lot of work there. Locally is the best way to put that guide together. Somebody who can be on the streets. Call on people regularly. I think that would be the ideal situation for them.”

Williams says Go Wichita has new priorities and thinks Madden Media’s experience with other guides can be of help.

He says 160,000 of the guides are printed annually, “and we send them across the world to show how great Wichita is.”