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Harry is out, St. Joseph is in at Via Christi

WICHITA — CEOs often have to be the bearer of bad news, but Jeff Korsmo had an especially good time announcing a change at Via Christi Health this week.

The president and CEO personally went to see the sisters at the Congregation of St. Joseph, one of Via Christi’s founding congregations, to announce a name change that is making a lot of people happy.

“It was time to do a relook at the brand,” Korsmo says.

Several years ago, each of Via Christi’s three hospitals were renamed for the streets they are on. The names for Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis and Via Christi Hospital on St. Teresa didn’t change much, but the hospital that traditionally was known as St. Joseph became Via Christi Hospital on Harry.

It will now be known as Via Christi Hospital St. Joseph. The others will be Via Christi Hospital St. Francis and Via Christi Hospital St. Teresa.

“This change was really there to reflect the founding congregation’s name and heritage in the name of the hospital,” Korsmo says.

“It was a very joyful celebration,” he says of getting to share the news.

Korsmo says one sister said, “I didn’t know if I would live long enough to see this day.”

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Former Chalet owner to open new bar and grill at former Shenanigans space

WICHITA — Former Chalet owner Evan Spicer is working on a new bar and grill in the former Shenanigans space at Ninth and West streets.

“Hopefully we’re going to be opening within the next month or so,” he says. “We’re going to try to specialize in more of a gourmet hamburger place.”

Spicer never wanted to close the Chalet “till the city shut me down” earlier this year. He says there were zoning issues at the business even though he operated there for 13 years.

“For almost 13 years, I was there operating illegally, I guess,” he says, half laughing.

Spicer says he finally got permission to operate, but the city had so many stipulations, he decided not to.

There’s still no name for the new bar and grill, but for applications he’s made so far, Spicer has been calling it Weston 9.

“It’s kind of a play on the location.”

MoJack Distributors sues former CEO Nate Gregory for performance issues

WICHITA — MoJack Distributors has filed a lawsuit against former president and CEO Nate Gregory due to what the suit says were performance issues.

The company formed in 2007 to produce lifts that make maintenance of riding mowers and equipment easier. The suit says MoJack then expanded its business to hand trucks and moving accessories and created a model that would allow for further expansion.

According to the suit, Gregory was hired shortly after the company formed and initially “acted in the best interest of Plaintiff and its members” as the company grew to have $40 million in business.

MoJack then “lost a major retail customer that significantly affected” business in 2012, the suit says, and around that time Gregory asked permission to invest in CN Cash for Gold.

The suit says Gregory was told that he could if it were a passive investment but that he then began focusing on buying a majority interest in CN Cash for Gold and became an active manager in the company.

The suit further says Gregory inappropriately pledged his membership units in MoJack as collateral for a bank loan to invest in CN Cash for Gold and managed it during his MoJack working hours.

In March, the suit says MoJack’s manager, Dan Drake, discovered how much Gregory had been diverting his time away from MoJack and fired him.

Gregory referred questions to his attorney, Greg Drumright.

“We’re looking forward to presenting our side of things and responding to all of the allegations,” Drumright says. “We need to wait and respond at the appropriate time, and now is not it.”

MoJack attorney Todd Shadid won’t comment either.

“I’m not going to comment beyond what’s in the petition,” he says.

Drumright won’t say what Gregory is doing these days.

“That pertains to some of the allegations,” Drumright says. “It would be inappropriate to comment about that.”