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You don’t say

“With all the crying and whining in Washington, I’m feeling ready to be a new father come November.”

– Expectant father U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder speaking Friday at the 2013 Congressional Summit at the Hotel at Old Town

Pediatric Speech Therapy opening at Clifton Square

WICHITA — In addition to Ginger Lily Boutique opening at Clifton Square, Caitlin Smith is opening Pediatric Speech Therapy there.

“I named it just what it is,” says the licensed speech pathologist.

She says she’s starting the business because of “just my love for children.”

“I love making therapy fun,” Smith says. “My goal is that they don’t even know they’re in speech therapy because it’s just a fun place to go, and they can’t wait to come back. I just try to make it really creative and fun and very interactive.”

She says sensory integration is a big part of the therapy, and she uses puppets and singing and music and rhythm.

“All of those things are incorporated into my therapy, which make it unique.”

Smith says she can work with all kinds of children, including those who are hard to understand along with typically developing children. She’ll also work with autistic children.

She says parents can be part of the therapy as well.

“They are highly encouraged to participate.”

Smith says Clifton Square makes sense for her business.

“I love it for its central location,” she says. “People know where to find me.”

Ginger Lily Boutique traveling fashion truck to have a permanent home, too

WICHITA — No one can deny the popularity of food trucks, but there may have been a skeptic or two when Holly Daley debuted her Ginger Lily Boutique traveling fashion truck in May.

“It’s not like I’m selling clothes out of grandma’s VW bug,” she said at the time.

Her instincts proved correct.

“Business has been soooo good. It’s been overwhelmingly good,” Daley says. “It’s funny, when people come on the truck, they’re like, ‘Oh, this is like a little boutique.’”

She says people then ask where her store is.

“I say, ‘You’re standing in it.’”

The success of the truck has inspired Daley to open a more traditional boutique by the same name in Clifton Square at 3700 E. Douglas.

“It’s going to have the same vibe as the truck,” she says.

Daley will keep the truck for parties and events.

“People just love shopping on this truck.”

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Freebirds World Burrito to open at Village at Greenwich; PostNet to move

WICHITA — Freebirds World Burrito has signed a lease to open its second Wichita restaurant at the Village at Greenwich at 21st and Greenwich.

This is causing PostNet to have to move, though that’s not a bad thing, the owners say.

“It’s a great expansion for us,” says Liz Anderson, who owns PostNet with her husband, Jim.

“It’s going to give us great visibility on a high-traffic road,” she says of facing 21st Street.

Anderson says business people will be able to see PostNet along that street, while the restaurant will face Greenwich – and thus K-96 – which could help it.

With 1,400 square feet, the store will have about the same amount of room in its new space in a new part of the center around the corner from where it is now. It also will have a pick-up window for the first time.

“It’s going to be a great thing for us,” Anderson says of customers being able to drop off and pick up orders without leaving their cars.

She says Freebirds wanted her space because of her patio. The restaurant also is taking the space next to PostNet’s current store for a total of about 2,500 square feet.

PostNet will close on Saturday but be back open Monday following a quick move.

“It’s just been crazy,” Anderson says.

Freebirds will open in October or November.

The chain’s first Wichita restaurant opened in June just south of Central on Hillside.

Regional manager Steve Perkins says business has been “fantastic.”

“Couldn’t be happier,” he says.

Perkins says the chain is “just putting feelers out and looking” around the city for other sites. He expects there to be three or four, including one on the west side and one in south Wichita toward Derby.

Anderson says her business is doing well also.

“We’re excited to be a Wichita business growing.”

She says she appreciates that local businesses do business with her store.

“I tend to keep everything local, too,” Anderson says. “It’s important for our community.”